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It’s not like there isn’t already enough stress around Christmas but we also have to deal with the Politically Correct Police or the atheists who challenge our right to celebrate Christmas in public. Each year there are more and more reports of how the atheists and their allies want to take away our religious freedom. […]

Never Give Up

Sometimes our dreams are squashed by people telling us that we will never achieve them. They say things like: “You should wake up and realize your limitations.” “You are not smart enough.” “You are bothering people and you should stay in your social or economic class.” I share these thoughts with you as an introduction […]


One day a priest was visiting a third grade class in his parish’s Catholic School. The priest asked a boy if he said his prayers every day. The boy said: “No, not every day, some days I don’t need anything.” This story made me smile. However, the point it makes is an important one. Petitions […]


The election is upon us. Many people are agonizing over whether they should vote, or for whom they should vote. I hope this reflection will be helpful. Jesus wants us to vote. Here are some of the reasons. 1.  Voting is not only a privilege, it is also a duty. 2.  One votes not only […]

Only God is Perfect

This past Sunday the Catholic Church celebrated Disability Sunday. The fact that it was celebrated during October which is Pro-life month in the Church brings even more attention to the need to celebrate the achievements that people with disabilities have reached, to pray for their safety, and to recognize the great sacrifices their families have […]

Who Do I Say I Am

In our rapidly changing culture, the topic of this blog is an important one. There is a strong movement in both our federal government and some institutions of higher education to do away with all language that makes a difference between men and women. As Christianity is being driven more and more from our national […]


Many years ago in the town of Grass Valley, California, a raging storm that lasted three days made it virtually impossible to travel. There was no electricity, so Fr. O’Malley was writing his sermon by candlelight. His phone rang and a voice said: “I’m calling from the hospital in Auburn.” We have a terminally ill […]

Tough Choices

TOUGH CHOICES There are times in our lives when we have to make an important decision and none of the options seem attractive. The following story may help us to see that all is not hopeless and that the power of human ingenuity is a tremendous gift from God. Many years ago, when a person […]


  Recently I ate at a Chinese Restaurant. When I read my fortune cookie, I had to laugh. It said: Don’t worry about tomorrow; because it’s already tomorrow in Australia. My fortune is both funny and true. Worrying is epidemic in our country. Yet it doesn’t pay to worry. Consider another 10 commandments (author unknown): […]

The Runner

Some of the best TV commercials involve children. I really like the one where a toddler in a diaper, who now can walk, is running down the hall laughing while his mother is running after him. I call him “The Runner”. I would imagine many parents who have or had young children can relate to […]