Joyful Reflections Radio Show

fatherscott-imageJOYFUL REFLECTIONS is the name of my radio program. I was on the air for many years and have been heard in various states throughout the country.

My 15 minute show aired on WEDO AM 810 Mondays through Fridays at 8:30AM- 8:45AM. Many people were able to listen to it as they traveled to work. They have told me that it gave them a chance to reflect before they started their busy days as well as provided them with some laughter.

I retired from this ministry in 2016 but you can now listen to recordings of my 15 minute programs here on the Internet. Streaming RealAudio broadcasts of my past programs are available in the Radio Show Archives.

Please e-mail me with your thoughts and questions at

Thank you for listening,  Father Scott

No longer available weekly, but you can still…

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