If you know me or have heard me preach, you know that I like to tell jokes. There is an art to telling jokes. You need to be able to have three gifts.  The first is a good memory. Nothing is worse that getting to an end of a joke and forgetting the punch line. The second is to have good timing. Timing is important to keep people in suspense and hanging in there, especially if it is a long joke. Thirdly, having good body language. It brings the joke alive.

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter.  At the two Masses I celebrated, I declared that today was Holy Humor Sunday.  I told the congregations that I was going to tell four jokes with the hope of keeping them excited about the Easter Season since we still had 29 days to celebrate Easter.  Now I must confess that when I tell a joke during Mass, I am a little concerned that someone might think that I am being disrespectful. Fortunately, I have had few complaints during my 46 years of telling jokes during my preaching.
Here’s one of the jokes I told today, and the connection I made to the Easter Season.
A pastor comes over to the rectory after having a wedding.
The assistant pastor asks him how the wedding went.
The pastor said everything went well until it came time for the couple to say their vows.
He had told them at the rehearsal that they only had to say “I do” after each question he asked them.
When he asked the bride: “Do you promise to obey your husband?” The bride said: “Do you think I’m crazy?” And the groom said: “I do.”
And it went downhill from there.
There was a lot of laughter. When it subsided, I told the people that on Easter they had said “I do” when they renewed their Baptismal Promises. I told them that it was important to know what they were promising and to be willing to keep their vows the rest of their lives… more laughter.
The meaning of Easter is that WE have the last laugh.
I hope you never lose your sense of humor.
Keeping celebrating Easter and remember: “To love another person is to see the face of God.”