It’s not like there isn’t already enough stress around Christmas but we also have to deal with the Politically Correct Police or the atheists who challenge our right to celebrate Christmas in public. Each year there are more and more reports of how the atheists and their allies want to take away our religious freedom. Of course they will tell you that they are simply trying to protect the State from Church interference, which is really a bogus idea because when Thomas Jefferson first wrote about Separation of Church and State it was in a letter to a Christian Church in which he stated that the Church must always be protected from State interference. The atheists and politically correct people love to re-write history.

There is a story about three little boys who were sent to the principal’s office. As they were seated outside of the office, they asked each other why they were there. The first boy said, “I’m here because I called one of the kids in my class a bad name.” The second boy said he was there because he drew a funny picture of the teacher on the blackboard and was caught. The third boy said he was there because he wished a kid in the hallway MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In order to have the merriest of Christmases, I offer you these ten suggestions:

  1. From now until January 6th,  stop watching or listening to any stories that are filled with ugly arguing or painful pictures of suffering people. I am not asking you to become insensitive. I am just suggesting that a short sabbatical from these pictures will bless you and your family with cheerful, hopeful hearts. After all, isn’t that what the Christmas Season is meant to be, a break from depressing news?
  2. Whenever your family or friends gather, immediately say: “We must agree not to talk politics.” If someone breaks the rule, immediately walk away from that person.
  3. Laugh with gusto often. This is especially important if you are around children. They love to laugh and they become more secure when they hear adults laughing. Never argue in front of your children. Agree to disagree agreeably.
  4. Fill your homes with wonderful smells. If you aren’t much of a baker, there are other ways of creating wonderful smells that won’t affect people’s allergies. Again this is very important when you have small children. Some of the happiest memories they will take into adulthood will be memories of wonderful smells at Christmas.
  5. Buy a sign or make a sign for your lawn or front window that declares: JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.
  6. Sing religious carols every chance you get. Sing them near public property just to infuriate the scrooges that want to steal your Merry Christmas.
  7. Make time in your busy Christmas schedule to say extra prayers of thanksgiving.
  8. Have each family member, whether young or old, put some of their money in a jar near Jesus in your manger scene and when you are ready to take down your Christmas decorations, (hopefully only after the Feast of the Three Wise Men) decide to whom you will give the money.
  9. If you see a person in the military, walk up and thank him or her for their service.