Miracles Happen

I am not one to use the word “miracle” lightly, but I want to tell you about what happened on the morning of April 29th that seemed like a miracle.

For the ninth year in a row, we held a run/walk to support the Anna Seethaler Hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is called the Ole 5K. It is the biggest fundraiser for the hospital and the other ministries to the poor connected with the hospital.

Jokingly, people tell me every year that I am in charge of the weather. They tell me that I have a direct line to the “Big Guy”. Well, at 6am on that Saturday morning the weather was not good. It was raining outside my room. The TV weather forecasters were not optimistic. The rain continued off and on for the next three hours. The race officially starts at 10am. There were over four hundred people registered for the event. Besides the race, we have music, a Mexican buffet, baskets for raffles, as well as hand carved, painted crosses from Oaxaca. We had one big shelter and a smaller one to achieve all we had to accomplish.

Usually the people start arriving around 8am. However, with the rain, they arrived later than usual. At 9am, people started to arrive in large numbers. It was 9am when the rain stopped. From 9am until noon, there was no rain. The sun even came out for a few minutes. We were able to accomplish all that we needed to do rain free.

By noon, the people were gone, and the clean-up was done. As the last of us were going to our cars, it began to rain. As we were driving away, it began to thunder, and lightning filled the skies. During the dry spell, people came up to me and congratulated me for stopping the rain because of my connection with the “Big Guy”.

All joking aside, I can’t take any credit for the dry spell. I know many people were praying for the success of the Ole 5K. In my March/April newsletter I had asked people to help with the race in whatever way they could. I had asked especially for prayers, and I want to thank all those who prayed. I also want to thank anyone who helped make the Ole 5K a big success. The money raised will help many poor and sick people.

Did we get a miracle on April 29th between 9am and Noon? I will let you decide. I believe we did because this year is the 100th Anniversary of the appearance of Our Blessed Mother to three children in Fatima, Portugal. The children were interrogated many times by hostile officials. Finally, Mary told the children that there would be a miracle on a certain day to prove that the children were not lying. When people heard what Mary promised they came in large numbers to witness it. That day it was raining very hard and the people were soaked. After speaking with the children, our Blessed Mother caused the sun to rapidly rotate and begin to fall from the skies. The people were hysterical. All of a sudden the sun returned to the heavens, and the people, whose clothes had been soaked through and through, found their clothes completely dry. Truly a miracle!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who supported my ministry recently either through sponsorship of the Ole 5K, attending it, or making donations through the newsletter.

God bless you!


Father Scott Seethaler, Capuchin