Pray Always and Never Lose Heart

In this booklet Father Scott talks about the important part that prayer plays in our lives and addresses the struggles we face with it.  Imparting his wisdom on how to pray and exploring unanswered prayers, praying through grief and all seasons, he calls the reader to a practical and deep prayer life.  Written in his own words with his customary warmth, this is a Fr Scott classic.


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In this booklet Father Scott deals with the questions that people, especially young adults, have about God, life and religion. Knowing how busy people are, Father Scott address one question per page and then suggests other resources for investigating the topic further. This booklet makes a great gift for someone who is being confirmed or who is about to leave home for college.

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Death of a Parent CD:

I took care of both my parents at the end of their lives. My father died after I spent two years taking care of him, and then I spent five years taking care of my mother before she died. Being with them during their declining years taught me many invaluable lessons about compassion, trusting God and letting go. During the CD, I reflect on grief, hope and share some true stories as well as some wonderful songs.

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The Prodigal Son CD:

Fr. Scott speaks of the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. He acts out the meeting of the younger son with his older brother when they encounter each other for the first time after the prodigal’s return.

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Holy Week Retreat 2 CDs:

These are daily reflections for each day of Holy Week. Each reflection is 16 minutes long.

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Don’t Let Worry Win CD

In this talk, Fr. Scott speaks to people who struggle with worry and stress. He has made it available in both CD and booklet form. The booklet is small enough to fit in a purse or shirt pocket.

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The Serenity Prayer/Busy People Can Pray CD:

Father Scott’s reflection on the Serenity prayer and he shows us how people can find time to pray during their busy day.

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“Five Paths to Spiritual Maturity” CD

In this talk Father Scott explains that God is eager to have a close relationship with us and gives us a road map for our journey home to heaven.

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“Have a Heart” CD:

Fr. Scott talks about the different kinds of heart we need as we journey through life: thankful, generous, loving, faithful, courageous, forgiving, joyful, trusting. This was taped at a seminar that he gave in May of 2004.

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“Father Scott’s Tribute to Mothers and Fathers” CD:

Since beginning his radio ministry in 1996, Father has been doing a yearly program to pay tribute to Mothers and Fathers as we celebrate their special days in May and June. This tape features the material that he has used as he prepared his programs.

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“Does God Have a Plan For Me?” CD:

In this talk, Fr. Scott describes the way God works in our lives. He deals with the fact that our past mistakes do not have to stop us from doing God’s will in the future.

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“Healing After a Divorce” CD:

Fr. Scott discusses the roles that God and the church can play in the healing process following a divorce and offers practical suggestions for dealing with the many emotions that a person experiences.

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“You Gotta Laugh” CD:

This is a live talk given in the spring of 2000 on the benefits of laughing when we are upset. Father Scott speaks of the need for joy and humor in organized religion. He speaks about growing up in the Catholic Church before the Second Vatican Council and reflects how the changes since the Council have brought more celebration into our religious practices. With gentle teasing, he describes how human folly influences our understanding of God and the way we practice our Catholic faith.

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“5 Talks That Can Change Your Life” DVD & CD:

Father Scott’s enthusiasm & the humor that he uses in his preaching are evident in this video taped live in a parish. He talks about how to deal with stress by trusting God and helps people understand what love really means in a family life. He explains how we can be happy & keep our values despite the temptations of our world. He demonstrates how forgiveness is possible no matter how much we are sinners and shows us how we can forgive the people who have hurt us. He finishes by encouraging people to have hope because God will never give up on us, & we can expect miracles.

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“The Power of Prayer” CD:

This video is a live presentation of father Scott’s four morning sermons given at parish missions. Topics include: Do I Have a Good Prayer Life?, Prayer Gives Me a New Life, When God Says No to My Prayers, & Intimacy with God Through Prayer.

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“When My Spouse Dies” CD:

A CD that was recorded live at a conference for widows and widowers at which Father speaks of the pain of losing a spouse and offers suggestions for dealing with all of the family, financial and religious issues a person faces right after the death. He offers words of encouragement and shows how it is possible to grieve with hope.

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“The Loss of a Child” CD:

Father Scott interviews a bereaved mother who shares the story of the loss of her only child & how her faith helped her through the darkest of hours. They discuss the many emotions & situations that bereaved parents face & offer hope to others who have experienced this devastating loss.

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“Fr. Scott Talks to Teens & Their Parents” CD:

This CD features two talks directed at teens and their parents. The teenage years involve dealing with issues of growth, freedom, faith development, peer pressure and character development. Father offers practical advise to both parent and teen so they can survive these challenging years.

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“Fr. Scott’s Favorite Marriage Jokes” CD:

This is a CD collection of jokes about married life that Fr. Scott uses in his many talks and retreats that he gives to married couples.

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Donations to the Anna Seethaler Hospital, Oaxaca, Mexico:

It is now a full service hospital named after Fr. Scott’s mother who was a great inspiration in his life. It is the only hospital/clinic in Oaxaca that supplies a place for the families of the patients to stay while they are being treated. All benefactors are remembered daily in his Mass and prayers.

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For many Mondays on Father Scott’s daily radio program, he dealt with the topic of worry. Using stories and personal experiences, Father Scott offered his listeners practical suggestions on how to control worrisome thoughts and begin to live a more peaceful life. Many listeners have written and told him the talks have made a big difference in their lives. The five CDs contain these Monday programs.

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