The God Problem

Perhaps you have heard the phrase: “The elephant on the room”.  It refers to an issue that people don’t want to deal with, but if they don’t, they will never reach the right conclusion or have peace in their lives.  “The God problem” is the modern day “elephant in the room” for our country and much of Western Europe.

Many of the intellectuals at our universities, controllers of our media, movie stars and music idols do not believe there is a God.  This is demonstrated by their promoting atheistic evolution, uncontrolled pleasure seeking, multiple sexual partners, denying any sexual identity that is determined at birth, and promoting these causes by calling those who oppose them bigots; and by trying to impose their agenda by using the federal courts.

Those who believe there is a God, especially Christians, find themselves more and more on the defense.  Words like bigot and phobic are used so that Christians will cower and not oppose the militant atheists in the public arena of school board meetings, local or national legislative hearings, and even family gatherings.

Allow me to give a personal example.  Twice in the second part of 2016 I was reported to the bishop of my diocese for asking people, during a talk I gave and a Mass I celebrated, to sing the song God Bless America.  They wrote that I was promoting my political agenda in asking people to sing the song.   I had no political agenda, I just wanted the people to join me in praying for our country by using the song.  If you read the words of this song you will not find anything that comes near to being a political statement.  It is simply a request for God to bless our country.

Perhaps their problem was due to the fact that the word God was used.  Is that a stretch on my part?  Have you noticed how many people now say to someone who has sneezed “bless you”?  Fewer people are responding to a sneeze by saying “God Bless You!”  Why are they afraid to use the word God?  This is just one example of how God is being driven from our day to day lives.

All of us must do our part to remind our country that we are “One Nation under God”.  We will be called many things including religious fanatics.  We will need great courage and make great sacrifices to save our world from slipping back into the “Dark Ages”, where the culture of death prevailed and human life had no value.  Fortunately, history tells us that the Dark Ages were brought into the light of Christ by the preaching of the Gospel. Though the preachers suffered a great deal for their efforts, their message touched the hearts and showed the people that the emptiness they felt could only be filled by God.

I will be writing more about this issue in coming weeks.  In the meantime remember:  “TO LOVE ANOTHER PERSON IS TO SEE THE FACE OF GOD

-Father Scott