The election is upon us. Many people are agonizing over whether they should vote, or for whom they should vote.
I hope this reflection will be helpful.
Jesus wants us to vote.
Here are some of the reasons.
1.  Voting is not only a privilege, it is also a duty.
2.  One votes not only for the presidency but also for other political offices that are very important.
3.  When people do not vote, they allow a small group of people with their agenda to control the election process.
4.  When a person does not like either presidential candidate, the person should look at a party’s platform to see which platform is most in harmony with Christian values and then vote for the presidential candidate of that party.
5.  When people say that all the issues that Christians are concerned about are equally important, they are wrong. To say that affirmative action, immigration, capital punishment, war, women’s rights are as equally important as the right to life of an innocent unborn child does not take into consideration the fact that if a person isn’t alive, no other rights exist.
6.  When a Catholic candidate says that he or she is personally opposed to abortion but will respect the right of a woman to choose and then actually votes for pro-abortion legislation that candidate has offended God with his or her rationalization. I say that because opposing abortion is not some archaic teaching based on some weird philosophical or theological position that people might disagree with. One’s opposition to abortion is based on the fact that the child is alive, and though inside its mother’s body, it has its own unique make up which is different than the mother’s. If children are not aborted inside their mothers’ bodies they will leave the womb as tiny human beings. Recent technology has allowed us to see the developing child and the way it responds to stimuli. Some years ago, when a doctor was doing surgery inside the womb the baby reached through the incision and wrapped its hand around the doctor’s finger. Abortion on demand is based on a lie that has been debunked by science.
Some people will say: “What about the hardship cases?” That is when true Christians come to the aid of pregnant women who are having difficulties with their compassion, love and support. It is important to remember that the vast majority of abortions are performed because the pregnancy is an inconvenience to the woman.
Always remember: “TO LOVE ANOTHER PERSON IS TO SEE THE FACE OF GOD.” This definitely applies to a baby in the womb.
This election is probably the most divisive election since the Civil War. It is critical that true Christians vote for life no matter how much hostility they might face. These are times when great courage is needed. The fate of our country, in the short run, will depend on this election. In the Book of Revelation it says that cowards will not get into heaven. Choose life so that you may live for all eternity with your loving Father.
God bless you and God bless America,
Father Scott