Who Do I Say I Am

In our rapidly changing culture, the topic of this blog is an important one.
There is a strong movement in both our federal government and some institutions of higher education to do away with all language that makes a difference between men and women. As Christianity is being driven more and more from our national identity, people are told that they can describe their gender in whatever way feels most comfortable for them.
Words like male and female, father and mother, boys and girls are no longer used and in some circles are considered antiquated if not downright offensive. During orientation, first year students in some of our universities are being instructed to use gender free language or face disciplinary action. Therefore, many first year students begin their university studies in fear of being labeled bigoted. “Big Brother” is watching.
Of course, there are people who make a strong case for these policies by invoking the freedom that each person should have to determine their gender, their sexual practices as well as their right to expect other people to be completely comfortable with their decisions.
However, “Big Brother” fails to realize that a casualty of this so called new freedom is the person, himself or herself. In choosing to determine self-identity, people will now find themselves in a world that is bordered on the north, south, east and west only by themselves. They have no anchor point. They now live in a world where words don’t have any permanent meaning.

I believe the damage to our young people by this so-called new freedom will only be seen down the road and will affect every aspect of their lives as well as their relationships. In choosing to be “Masters” of their destinies, they will find themselves lost at sea with no anchor.

Take God out of the equation and sooner or later the storms of life will take a heavy toll. The Bible tells us that God created them male and female. It encourages people to enter into lasting relationships. To have no more fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters takes away much of the beauty of living. It takes away relationships that will always be there no matter what a person is going through. Right now there is a TV show called “I Robot”. I can’t help but wonder what will be left to our world when all relationships have been neutered.
Will this so-called New Freedom wind up making robots out of generations to come?
The Bible tells us in the story of creation that God looked at what He had made and called it good. The new social engineers might look at what they have made and call it good, but I for one find it dangerous and very sad.
Until next time, remember: “To love another person is to see the face of God.”